Yangon ah Ralkap nih an Luh Hnawh Lio ah Mizo Nu Inncung in a Tla

Nihin Yangon ramtthen, Mingalar Taungngyunt khua i We Love Yangon timi zungkhaan ralkap nih an luh hnawh lio ah inncung in a tlami nu cu kum 30 a simi Mizo nu Ma Zuali a si, tiah kan theih.

Ma Zuali chungkhar hi Tahan ah a ummi an si. Amah lawng Yangon ah a um i, cozah zung rianttuan a si bang in anih zong CDM ah aa tel vemi a si.

Amah lawng in a ummi a si tik ah zeitindah inncung in a tlak ning a si timi fiang in an thei lo. A ruak cu Yangon khua i ihkhun 500 sizung ah an chiah, tiah theih a si.

English.A Mizo ethnic woman in her 30 fell from her apartment in Yangon while Myanmar army raid the office of We Love Yangon today.

“The woman was Ma Zuali from Tahan, Kalaymyo. As she was alone during the raid, no one exactly know how she fell from the apartment,” said one neighbor.

Ma Zuali was a CDM participant. Her dead body was transferred to a nearby hospital, source said. By-The Chin JournalMarch 21, Yangon Zalen

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