WHO Le ILO Meeting Ah Ralhrang Khawngsil Palai An Cohlang Lo

Ralhrang khawngsil nih a voi 74 nak Vawleicung huap ngandamnakbu (WHO) meeting ah palai thlah an duh nain WHO nih an cohlang lo. Hi meeting cu May 24-June 1 tiang kha an tuah i ralhrang khawngsiil nih palai thlah an timh nain NUG nih duhlonak ca a tial caah WHO nih a cohlan lonak a si.NUG zong nih palai thlah a duh nain WHO nih a cohlang ve lo. WHO nih Myanmar aiawh in zei hi dah ka cohlan lai timi a fian rih lo caah a si.

Tukum September ah UN nih Myanmar aiawhtu ah ralhrang khawngsil maw a cohlan lai, asiloah NUG dah ti kha biakhiahnak tuah a si lai. UN tangah chungtel cohlangtu bu (credential committee) a um i cu nih cun biakhiahnak an tuah te lai.

WHO meetingah an kai khawh lo lawng a si lo. International Labour Organization (ILO) meeting zongah an kai kho lo. Ralhrang khawngsil nih cun ILO meeting kai an i tim ko nain NUG nih duhlonak ca a tial i cucu ILO-Credential Committee nih an hmuh tikah ralhrang khawngsil palai cu an cohlan lonak a si.

ILO nih Myanmar aiawhtu ah zei deuh hi dah a cohlan lai timi cu September thla i UN nih biakhiahnak a tuah hnuin a fiang te lai. UN biakhiahnak kha ILO zong nih ka zulh ve lai a ti. Khit Thit Media The Chin Post

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