Tutan Victoria camp an kah hi India theihpinak aa tel kho.

India ram chung ah bomb 2 a tla i India air space zong ah an lut timi khi biapi ngai a si.

Uk hrambunh, the Guardian nihcun India ram ah bombs 2 a tla. Eyes witness nih an chim tiah a ttial.

Asinain, the Time of India nihcun, CHRO chirhchanh in, India ram ah a tla lo timi an langhter ve.

Quote “ The Chin Human Rights Organisation said the targets were right next to the international border line, the Mizoram-Myanmar border river Tiau, but on the Myanmar side.”

CHRO team report kha biapi ngai a si caah, the Time Of India nih an tialmi, “But on the Myanmar side” timi catlang hi nanmah hmurka a si lo ding a biapi ngai.

Thla 2 a liam ahkhan, Indonesia Foreign Minister nih India cu fakpi in a mawchiat. MAH ralhrang he pehtlaihnak ser hrim hlah an ti.

Tutan Victoria camp an kah hi India theihpinak aa tel kho. Cucaah, India airspace an luh zong ah, India side ah bombs an tlak zong ah India, Delhi a hmur a cip kho. Asinain, UN International Law ningin, India nih a hmur a cip khawh lo ding in, Media in fakpi in aupi in phozar a biapi tak in a lang.Crd.Zasang Cinzah

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