Tax file thawngthanh!

Hawi le hna,Tukum tax file cu IRS nih January 23, 2023 kan thawk lai tiah thawng a thanh bantuk in Za Income Tax Service zong 23 cun appointment in kan open ve cang lai.

Sushi business a ngei i midang nan riantuan hawi thlahlah nan pek mi hna a um i form 1099-NEC nan file a hauh ah cun tuan deuh ah nan file a hau. Mah zong cu ka tuah chih.

Tukum belhi tax return refund hmuh ding mi nikum tluk in a tam ti lai lo. Mah cu zapi kan caah thawngpang chia bantuk a si. Thawngpang tha pakhat belcu 2022 chungah zelle, cash app le Venmo, tbt in phaisa an in kuat mi $20,000.00 cung le transaction 200 nak tam a si lo ah cun form 1099-k file le report a hau lo.

Dear Friends,As IRS announced that it will be accepting returns on January 23, 2023 Za Income Tax Service will be opened by appointment between the hours of 5:00 pm to 10:00pm Monday through Friday and all day on Saturday.

If you’re a small business owner and paid someone more than $600.00 and need to file form 1099-NEC I can help you with that as well. But you have to file it before the deadline which is January 31, 2023. See you guys soon. Za Mawng 517-803-8185

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