Suiṭhi Le Phaisa Bawm A Fir I Aa Tlikpi Tu Pa Pahnih Cu A Ngeitu Nih Cycle In A Pah Hna I An Tlaih Khawh Ṭhan Hna

Sikpar[November] 18, 2022_CCN Channel Kalaymyo Seikkanthar bazar ah siikhan piahnak in a kir lei ah pa pahnih nih a ṭhi le a phaisa bawm an chuh i an tlik tak.A ngeitu nu nih an hnulei in cycle in a pah hna i pawngkam nih an bawmh hna i mifir pahnih cu an tlaih khawh hna tiah Zalen nih a langhter.

Sikpar 18 zinglei sml 10:00 hrawng ah nu pahnih cu cycle an i phirh i an kal lio ah a hnulei a ṭhumi (kum 60 hrawng ) tarnu a ṭhi le phaisa bawm cu pa pahnih nih an chuh i an tlik tak hna.

Cycle mawngtu nu nih pa pahnih an i citmi cycle cu a dawi hna i an hnulei in a pah hna caah cycle pahnih in an tlu. Minu nih pawngkam bawmh a hal hna i mifir pahnih cu an tlaih khawh ṭhan hna tiah theih a si.

Mifir pa pahnih cu Kalaymyo Aungthitsar sang ah a ummi an si tiah theih a si.

Cycle in a pahtu hna nu cu a ke aa khawn caah sii thlop ding in timhtuah a si tiah theih a si.
photo crd.Crd-CCN

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