Nihin Tlangzar khuapawng kahdohnak ah CNA, CDF ralkap pakua nih ram le miphun ca ah nunnak an pek

May 5, 2022 Hakha in Falam lei panh in a kal mi SAC ralhraang hna cu CNA, CDF, CNDF ralkap hna nih Falam Peng Tlangzar khua ah an kah hna i cuka raltuknak ah CNA, CDF Thantlang ralkap pakua nih ram le miphun ca ah nunnak an pek.

Nunnak a liam mi hna hi CNA in bo hnih pakhat tel in minung paruk le CDF Thamtlang in minung pathum hna an si tiah raltuknak thawnghram pakhat sin in kan theih.

Tlangzar khuapawng ah zinglei sang in kahdohnak a chuak i, kahdohnak a chuah hnu ah SAC ralhraang nih Tlangzar khua an khangh caah inn 16 a ciam.

SAC ralhrang lei a thimi le hliam a tuar mi an tam tiah theih a si.

Hmanthlak ca – May 5, Tlangzar khua kahdohnak ah ram le miphun ca nunnak a petu mizapi ralkap cheukhat hmanthlak a si. Nunnak a petu dihlak min hngalh khawh a si rih lo.Credit-The Hakha Post

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