SAC Nih Palai A Thlahmi Cu FAO, WHO Le ILO Nih An Cohlang Lo

June 15 ah tuahmi Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations i chungtel cohlangtu committee (Credentials Committee) nih cun ralhrang bawizik Min Aung Hlaing hruaimi SAC nih palai thlahnak ca an kuatmi cu an cohlang lo tiah theih a si.

FAO nih SAC thlahmi palai an cohlan lonak a ruang cu UN tangah a ummi World Health Organization (WHO) le International Labour Organization (ILO) nih cohlan lo dingin biakhiahnak an tuahmi an zulh ve caah a si, tiah FAO nih a thanh.

Vawleicung ram 168 nih FAO ah palai an thlah cio i SAC thlahmi dah ti lo, ramdang palai thlahmi cu an cohlan dih hna. UN tangah a ummi bu (organization) pathum hna nih SAC palai an cohlang ti lo. Hihi UN nih ralhrang cozah hi a cohlang lo ti khawh a si hnga maw? A si ko, ti thlu awk cu a tha rih lo nain a cohlan ding cu zumh a um tuk ti lo. A ra laimi September ah UN i Credential Committee nih UN ah SAC nih a thlahmi palai maw kan cohlan lai, NUG nih a thlahmi palai dah ti kha an ceih lai i a fiang te hnga!RFA The Chin Post

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