Online Mee thlak sawmhnak Dr. Hmuh Thang (USDP)

The Hakha Times nih Hakha le Thantlang Candidate hna ca ah Online Mee thlak sawmhnak kan tuahpiak hna.

COVID-19 ruang ah khualtlawn le mizapi he ton biaruahnak a har deuh ca ah 2020 thimnak ah Hakha le Thantlang in aa cuh ding mi Candidate hna ca ah Online in Mee thlak sawmhnak The Hakha Times nih kan tuahpiak hna.

Nihin Oct, 24 Chun Suimilam 12:00 ah Live in Thantlang peng in Pyine No -2 Candidate Dr. Hmuh Thang (USDP) nih mizapi biaruahnak a kan ngeih lai. Mipi zong nih Comments in biahal khawh a si lai.Zoh khawhnak: The Hakha Times Page

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