Thawngpang theih nuamh tuk.Boatkan khua palik sakhan cu National Libration Army (NLA) nih an laak

Tamu Peng Palik Sakhan PDF Nih An Laak, Methal Zun 15 Telh In Hriamtling Tamlak An Laak Chih

Sagaing ramṭhen, Tamu peng Boatkan(ဘုက္ကန်) hmunhma palik sakhan cu tualchung hriamtlai phu nih an laak. Meithal zun 15, kuanfang phuntling le palik hmanmi thilri kan laak chih tiah National Libration Army (NLA) nih March ni 24 ah phungning tein cathanh a chuah.

March ni 24, zinglei suimilam 7:30AM ah Tamu peng Tamu-Kalay lampi Boatkan khua ah NLA le SAC ralkap kar minutes 45 tluk kahdohnak a chuah hnu ah SAC ralkap kuttang um palik sakhan cu NLA nih an laak. Cu sakhan ah cun meithal zun 15, kuanfang phuntling 2,269, BA-63 rifle kuan bawm 12, BA-94 kuan bawm hnih, AK-47 kuanfang bawm 2, mine lung hnih, kut cheh bomb lung 3, BA-63 thirfung 2, nam 1, walking talking lung 6, kut hrennak 7, palik hmanmi fung hna le uniform hna an lak tiah theih a si.

Boatkan khua palik sakhan cu National Libration Army (NLA) nih an laak hnu ah SAC ralkap nih March ni 24, chunhnu ah Mi 35 helicopter 2 hmang in kahdohnak a tuah tiah theih a si.

Tamu peng Boatkan khua cu inn 2,000 hrawng khuasaknak khua ngan pakhat a si. Boatkan palik sakhan cu tualchung hriamtlai PDF nih March 24, zinglei ah an laak. SAC ralkap le sakhan laakpiak an ton hnu chunhnu ah Mi-35 helicopter 2 nih kahdohnak a tuah. SAC ralkap nih vanlei kahdohnak a tuah ruang ah inn rawk le minung aa hliammi an um le um lo theih a si rih lo.The Chin Post

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