Mindat Kahdohnak A Fak, CDF Lei Pakhat A Thi Can 2

June 6, tuzing in Mindat peng hmunhnih ah ralhrang le CDF kahdohnak a um. Ralhrang nih vanlawng, hriamnan le chemical bomb an hman i CDF-Mindat in pakhat a thi tiah theih a si.

Kahdohnak a umnak hi Mindat -Phaya Sakhan karlak le Mindat-Siat khua karlak ah a si. Nichuah Meithah Tlang le 274 battalion umnak hna in ralhrang nih CDF cu hriamngan in an kah hna.

Mindat kahdohnak ahhin ralhrang nih chemical bomb an hman i CDF le pathum hna cu chemical khuavai an i dawp sual tiah theih a si. Vanlawng dang zong a ra chap i hmun 3/4 ah aa chawk tiah khuami nih an chim. Ralhrang hi ralhmai hmunhnih in an i then i mining 150 leng an si. (Zalen)

Note: A tanglei hmanthlak hi Mindat khuami cheukhat himnak hmun kawl in a kalmi an si (VOA)The Chin Post

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