Min Aung Hlaing tlaihpiak ding INTERPOL GS sin ah NUG nih ca a kuat

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) le The International Criminal Court (ICC) ah tazacuai khawh ding ah tlaihpiak ding in National Unity Government (NUG) nih Vawlei Cung Sualphun Ngan Hlathlaitu Palek (INTERPOL) General Secretary sin ah NUG in Home Affairs and Immigration (Ramchung Runvennak le La-Wa-Ka) Minister U Lwin Ko Latt nih cakuat a tial.

UN Hlathlainak rian (mission), 2018 September 12 cathanh ning in Rakhine le Rohingya kar buainak kong ah sualphun ngan a buartu a sinak, 2021 February 1 in nawlngeihnak a la i rammi le CDMers nuai tampi cung ah hramhram in kut a thlatu sinak, April 21 tiang ah rammi 739 thattu a sinak, minung 3331 tlaitu a sinak, tibantuk a cakuat ah aa tel.

April 24, Indonesia ram Jakarta khuapi ah Myanmar ram kong ASEAN nih a ceihmai ding mi ah INTERPOL nih Indonesia Palek he i bawm in tlaihpiak ding, riantuanti ding kong le Min Aung Hlaing cu ICC le ICJ ah tazacuai in chuahpi ding kong a cakuat ah a tialchih. NUGpage The Hakha Times

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