FAKTHANH:Hakha CNG Guest House ah riantuantu pakhat kan herh

A tanglei sining a tlinh mi a si lai:1. Kawl holh le Laiholh in mi interview a tuah ngam mi le a tuah kho mi a si lai.2. Video editing a thiam mi le Video thlak a thiam mi a si lai.3. Thla khat ah video minute 5-30 tluk a si lo ah minute 30 nak in sau deuh video thlak le video editing a tuah kho mi a si lai.

4. Video a thlak mi le editing a tuah mi cu YouTube le Facebook page ah upload a tuah kho mi a si lai.5. Thlakhat ah a tlawmbik video (5) tal a thlak kho mi le editing a tuah kho mi le pehzulh tein YouTube le Facebook Page ah upload a tuah kho mi a si lai.

Hi a cunglei singning a tlinh dih mi a si ko ahcun thla khat ah Kyat 200000 thlahlawh pek chung an si lai i, thla (6) hnu ah a video thlak mi hmantlak mi tehte a mah pumpak nih a langter khawh a si ah cun, a rian pehzulh ter a si lai i, a rian tei a mak ning zohchih in duhsah tein a thla fatin a thlahlawh kaiter a si lai.Pehtlaihnak: Ph: 09899289028; +95 9899289028 Credit.The Hakha Times

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