Congress nih vote tam taktak in Covid vui2nak bamwhnak cu “Yes” tiah an approve cang.

Zahan zanlei ah Senate nih Covid19 bawmhnak cu an vote i Yes vote ( 96 ) le No vote 6 lawng asi. Republican senate tlawmpal nih hngakchia vei tlaih in an i tlaih tuk ruang ah a rautukmi Covid bawmhnak cu a ra cang ko lai.House of Representatives zong Monday ah khan an rak vote i Yes vote 359 le No vote 56 lawng in an approve.

President Donal Trump nih min a thut lai i, mah khawh cun pek asi lai.US cozah nih hman dingmi aza tein an approve mi cu 2.3 trillions bak asi. Bawmhnak cu – Minung pakhat $600, Unemployment payment $300, le Small Business hna caah $300 billions.

Income tahfung Now, individuals earning up to $87,000 and couples earning up to $174,000 will receive some form of payment. Individuals who earned up to $75,000 in 2019 will get the full amount of $600 and couples that earned up to $150,000 will receive $1,200.

Nuva kumkhat income fonh $174000 a lawnh lomi hmuh asi lai. Pakhat lawng asimi income $87000 a lawnh lomi hmuh asi lai.

$75000 nak a tlawm a hmumi poh $600 tling in hmuh asi lai. Nuva income fonh $150000 nak tlawm cu $600+$600 tling in hmuh asi lai. Mah hi ri a lawnhmi a cung lei ri a lawnh lomi cu $600 tling lo in hmuh asi lai.Pathian thawng le Biden thawng in. Credit-Salai Biak

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